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12 11 月, 2017by admin0

Surfx at InPrint in Munich Germany from November 12-14th

Where: Munich Germany
When: 12-14 November, 2019
Booth: New Exhibitor Booth 667a, Hall A6.
Presentation: New Exhibitor Booth 850
Presentation Time: 9:45-9:55 & 13:45 to 13:55
Meet Dr. Hicks: Contact Us


Dr. Robert HicksSurfx Technologies has developed a new argon plasma machine that is ideal for high-fidelity printing on nearly all materials. A reactive gas beam, 100mm wide, flows out of the head and impinges on the substrate, where it cleans and activates the surface for enhanced adhesion in seconds. Surfx is the first argon plasma that will NOT roughen or damage your materials due to our patented process design. Do not let vacuum or air plasmas damage your materials with etching, sputtering or high temperatures. Surfx’s argon plasma is particle free and safe on sensitive electronics, plastics, and thin films. Get the exact printing performance you need by integrating our minimal footprint plasma source into your process line. Come to my presentation and learn about this exciting new technology. 

Dr. Robert F. Hicks
President and CEO

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